New Incubator

Incubator day 10 of 21. I’ve got 48 Rhode Island Red eggs in the incubator and am hoping that all is going well with this new incubator. Will know in 11 days. By today the beak should be hardening and their feathers have started to form.…/egg_t…/development.html

This link shows the development of the chicks. I find it fascinating that you can take an egg, add heat and you have a chicken in 21 days!

We want to increase our flock size this year with some heritage breeds and raising your own is an economical and fun way to do it. It seems we never have enough eggs for sale at the farmers market and this will really help.  We also need to add more hens to replace the ones that are older and not laying anymore.

IMG_0372 (1).JPG

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