imageMy alternate mode of transport when I’m not using the tractor.  It’s hard to get the chore tractor going in the winter. Diesel engines have to be coaxed to fire when the temperature dips. I can usually get her going after the block heater has been plugged in for a couple of hours, the battery charged and sometimes ether. If I don’t have to feed round bales, it’s just easier to drag the small squares across the yard in the sled. Besides, who doesn’t need a little exercise.

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  1. Who needs a gym when you have real life exercise. I just found you via twitter. If I lived closer I would order some lamb but perhaps if my son-in-law goes down to visit his grandparents I will have him pick some up. Enjoyed your blog photos — nice job of laying out the basics so people understand how their food is raised and the work that goes into it.
    Aberdeen, SK

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